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“Would your organization be more productive if your employees were fitter and healthier?”

“Are unfit, unmotivated, overweight, stressed and sick employees limiting your company’s potential?”

“Would you like to play an active role in improving the health, well-being and productivity of your employees?”

With 10 million Australians spending a third of their waking life at work, the workplace can and does have a significant impact on their health and well-being. Likewise the health employees bring to work significantly affects their work performance.

So what does this mean for the worksite?

Research shows the main direct and indirect indicators associated with absenteeism, injury, low morale and lost productivity at work are:

  • Health risk factors i.e. smoking, weight, blood pressure, fitness, diet
  • Illness i.e. colds and flu, heart disease
  • Stress indicators (work and personal)
  • Attitudes towards the organization
  • Workplace hazards and practices

The daily decisions of employees regarding exercise, nutrition, stress and lifestyle will have a direct impact on their present and future health, the quality of their lives and most importantly, their work performance.

Current OHS legislation deems the employer responsible for the health of employees regardless of their existing health status and habits. Active programs for the improvement of employee health may reduce liability.

Corporate Fit has over 10 years experience producing fitter, healthier and more productive employees. Some of the clients who have worked successfully with Corporate Fit are Transport SA, Collotype labels, National Parks and Wildlife service, Energy SA, Catholic Education Office, Workplace services.

People can spend thousands of dollars learning what they already know particularly when it comes to health. Corporate Fit specialises in providing programs and training that closes the gap between simply knowing what to do and actually doing it.

If you are concerned the health of your employees is negatively affecting your company’s performance, or you would like to play an active role in improving the health morale and ultimately the performance of your team, please contact Corporate Fit for more information. We welcome the challenge of helping build your company's competitive advantage through better employee health.